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President Jokowi receives participants of the 63rd and 64th batches of Regular Education Program (PPRA) 2022 of National Resilience Institute (Lemhannas), at the State Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/12). (Photo by: PR of Cabinet Secretariat/Jay)

Beritakampus.id – President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo Wednesday (10/12) at the State Palace, Jakarta delivered directives to participants of the 63rd and 64th batches of the 2022 Regular Education Program (PPRA) of the National Resilience Institute (Lemhannas).

In his directives, the President encouraged the participants of PPRA to reinforce their leadership skills in each assignment moving forward.

“The President explained that the world is in a tough situation. It may be much tougher next year. The world is getting darker [by global crises]. The participants are expected to strengthen leadership character,” Governor of Lemhannas Andi Widjajanto said after the meeting.

The President also called on the Lemhanas to conduct study and provide recommendations related to anticipating and mitigating global crises, including crises of food, energy, and financial.

“The President has ordered the Lemhanas to make a quick study on how to anticipate and mitigate crisis. The President said that the study must be macro and micro scale patterns,and must also be detailed to be used as policy recommendations to the President,” he said.

On that occasion, the participants reported the study results of strategic issues regarding the consolidation of democracy and Indonesian leadership in the G20 before the President.

“The participants from the 63rd batch presented the study results on consolidation of democracy and reduction of identity politics, while the participants from the 64th batch presented the study results on the G20 leadership about how to strengthen collaboration to improve connectivity and global supply chains. The two study results were received by the President,” he said. (TGH/UN) (RIF/EP)

Link Source: https://setkab.go.id/en/president-jokowi-tells-ppra-participants-to-reinforce-leadership-skills/

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